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India is a Country with many Culture and Religions!

The 6371 km radius Mother Earth today cradles a little less than 200 Countries in its lap, each unique by name, different in many ways. But the one named ‘INDIA’ is by far the most unique in its lap, not for its name, but for its undeterred existence as the most ancient and diversified country. Its early existence known to be the first of any civilization, ascends the history path, swirling through twist and curls, many bringing agonizing pain caused with successive waves of foreign invasion, each invasion arriving with eternal and new migration of cult, culture and religion, resounding fresh diverse array of colours, tastes and aroma filled flavour. As a charismatic melting pot, the country preserved the purity of its racial culture with all its original ingredients, and when brewed the new, ensured the new co-existed with the ethnic, both in perfect unity and harmony. Successive wave of migration was met with same blending charm; each invasion only grew the melting pot larger with fresh diversities of culture, announcing fresh arrival. Traversing till the present day is a journey of 5000 years, the oldest and the richest any country has journeyed. The mammoth diversity makes India known as “World of its own” and proudly stands as a model to the world for its incomparable “Unity in Diversity”.

What makes it possible to preserve such magnitude of diversity, with unity so firm and incredible? Visit and experience the wonderland called INDIA; you will find the answer here.

Our country’s history is so magnificently studded and culture so opulent, we at INDIA Tailor Made can only feel fortunate to be an Indian. India is our Passion and we bask in its Pride, with equal passion we shall tailor make your journey through this land, a land that shall always remain most unique in the lap of the Mother Earth.

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